2017-09-19: mpa_news_62

> general information and curriculum

Flyer 2015

Looking back upon four completed MSc-programmes, all of which have received wide recognition and very positive responses from the conservation community, we are pleased to announce that a new course will start in september 2017.

Here you can find the digital version of the flyer for the upcoming programme.

Detailed curriculum

The curriculum for the MSc programme, which was developed in 2012, will also be used for the class starting in 2016. Please download the .pdf file below for all details on the contents of the course.

Official announcement

Official announcement of the master's programme "Management of Protected Areas" in the University of Klagenfurt's official register, visible under Announcement No. 290.

Structural setting

The MSc programme is implemented in close cooperation between the University of Klagenfurt and E.C.O., a company specialized in planning and consulting protected areas. An international Advisory Board has been established in order to ensure and monitor the quality of courses and theses.