> directors

Heike Egner

"For me, as a geographer specialized in social-spatial processes, protected areas are a really wonderful topic. Protected areas are expressions as well as manifestations of the way how societies deal with their natural environments. In this sense, protected areas say much less about "nature" itself, rather more about the "relationship" of us humans to nature. Thus, the implementation as well as the management of a protected area is also a struggle with social, economical and political conditions on the regional scale, concerning questions on how to reach people and how to educate our relationship to our natural environment. I am proud to be involved in a master programme educating professionals and striving for a better understanding of the natural, social and regional processes coming with biodiversity conservation."


Field of expertise: Professor of Geography and Regional Studies specialized in the interactions between humans/society and nature/environment, social geography, sustainability, geographical risk research, as well as self-organization in social and natural systems.

Institution: Alpen-Adria-University of Klagenfurt/Austria, Department of Geography and Regional Studies

Function in the MSc-Programme: programme development, scientific executive board, lecturer, tutor

Michael Jungmeier

"Working in and for Protected Areas is one of the most interesting, challenging and rewarding responsibilities you can have. After some 15 years of planning and consultancy work for Protected Areas, I am very proud to be in charge of developing and running this MSc programme with considerable support from the experts on the Advisory Board and an international team of lecturers. We want to present a comprehensive course that offers a proper and efficient development of European Protected Areas. I find this MSc programme to be a unique platform for exchanging experiences. I am looking forward to meeting the participants from different Protected Areas, representing some of the most beautiful and precious regions on the continent."

Field of expertise: ecology, conservation ecology, planning and preparing Protected Areas, communication design

Institutions: University of Klagenfurt, Department of Geography and Regional Studies; E.C.O. Institute of Ecology, Austria; lecturer at the University of Vienna, Department of Ecology

Function in the MSc-Programme: programme development, scientific executive board, lecturer, tutor

> administration

“We deal with this world as if we had a second in the trunk.” This quote is from Jane Fonda and sadly, it is true and highly topical. For this reason we are very happy to participate in the organisation of the MSc programme “Management of protected areas.” One might even say that we work for a higher goal ― for a better world ― for protected areas.

Natalie Schöttl

"Besides acting as administrative assistant for the MPA programme, I am secretary of the Institute of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Klagenfurt. I am thus your contact person in matters related to the university. My tasks also include financial management (e.g. invoices), contracts between lecturers and university, booking of lecture rooms and certificates for students."

Caroline Stuchetz

"Working for the MPA-programme for me means providing personal administrative support to the students as well as the lecturers and the staff and handling information between them. Based at E.C.O. Institute for Ecology, I’ve been working for the MPA-programme since its beginning in 2005. I’m mainly responsible for preparing and organizing the modules, lectures, locations and the excursions as well as the processing of assignments."


"What we especially value is to get to know a lot of different people from several nations. It is great to have such an expertise and this variety of cultural origin in one student group. Together with Ms. Egner and Mr. Jungmeier, Ms. Schöttl and I work hand in hand to ensure smooth procedures within the MPA programme."