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The minimum requirements for participating in the MSc programme are:

  • University degree or equivalent
  • Good working knowledge of English
  • Demonstrable interest

Additional aspects are:

  • Practical working experience in planning / managing protected areas
  • Further technical / academic qualifications

Application process:

  • Fill in the application form (available here).
  • Present your personal details / education / professional experience in a CV.
  • Submit a copy of your university diploma or transcript (academic degree).
  • Include a letter of intent.
  • Helpful: add demonstrable documentation of your interests and experience (e.g. professional experience, publications, documentation of activities, plans).
  • Helpful: include a letter of support from your employee or a national organisation.

Preferably, application materials should be posted by ordinary mail. The official deadline for accepting applications is in July 2018. Applications by email are also accepted until this deadline, but additionally, originals/hardcopies must be submitted by ordinary mail.

We will try to create a good and well-balanced team of participants:

  • Balance between different countries
  • Balance between different professional backgrounds
  • Balance between different fields of experience and expertise


For this reason, personal interviews will be held with all applicants. The scientific executive board will suggest convenient times and places for these interviews according to each applicant's specific situation.


The programme takes place every two years, with the next class starting in October 2018. The maximum number of participants is 25.