> advisory board

The international advisory board of the programme consists of prominent international experts in the field of nature conservation supporting the programme development, contributing to the design and implementation of the courses, and functioning as tutors, lecturers and hosts for the courses.

Contributions to the programme development were made, among others, by

  • Marina Fischer-Kowalski (Austria)
  • Bernhard Gutleb (Austria)
  • Christoph Imboden (Switzerland)
  • Bernhard Kohler (Austria)
  • Zoltan Kun (Hungary)
  • Guido Plassmann (France)
  • Philippe Pypaert (Italy)
  • Peter Rupitsch (Austria)
  • Tobias Salathé (Switzerland)
  • Martin Solar (Slovenia)
  • Andrej Sovinc (Slovenia)
  • Michael Succow (Germany)
  • Christian Wieser (Austria)