E.C.O. goes home office

We are working from home

We are glad to announce that we are fully operational and looking forward to hearing from you.

Since Monday, 16 March we have all been working remotely from home, will continue to do so until further notice and get in touch using diverse online tools. As usual, you are welcome to contact us via email to office@e-c-o.at or by writing to team members directly (E.C.O. team site). Our office at Lakeside Park Klagenfurt is not staffed anymore, except daily from 8.00 – 10.00 by one person taking care of our aquarium and mail.  

To arrange a phone call, please contact us via email first. We will then gladly set a time to speak via skype or zoom.

As of now, all meetings will be held virtually. Events scheduled for the near future have already been cancelled or will be postponed. We’ll keep you updated.

This situation is a challenge we’d like to meet with determination, creativity and full of drive to continue. Over the last days, we also had to overcome some technical obstacles, provide equipment and find suitable tools guaranteeing our successful communication from home. So far, we have mastered this really well.

Together we’ll find a way.

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