A pleasure shared …

Georg Grabherr is scientist of the year 2012

A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. And we certainly share Prof. Georg Grabherr’s pleasure at being awarded the title of ‘Scientist of the Year 2012’. This is the crowning conclusion of a year of successes and recognitions for Georg Grabherr: in spring he published the striking illustrated book ‘Ein Garten für das 21. Jahrhundert’ (A garden for the 21st century) with Lois Lammerhuber, in October he was awarded the ‘Grand Merit Badge for the Province of Vorarlberg’ and in November he received the ‘Austrian Nature Protection Award’ from the Naturschutzbund (Nature Conservation Union) for his commitment to education and information in the field of environmental and nature protection.

The E.C.O. Managing Directors Michael Jungmeier and Hanns Kirchmeir first gained credit in the early 1990s shortly after leaving the Department of Vegetation Ecology and Nature Conservation, headed by Georg Grabherr. The links between them remain strong and contact has been maintained through numerous project partnerships.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our congratulations and wish Georg and his wife Traudl a successful and fulfilling gardening year in 2013!

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