Good Luck E.C.O. Germany!

On 4th December, at last the time had come for E.C.O. Germany: in Haidhausen, a district of Munich, the office of E.C.O. Germany that has been in existence since summer was inaugurated. Besides colleagues from Klagenfurt, family and friends, also numerous companions and fellows of Sigrun Lange, the globetrotter and now brand new manager, attended the celebration.

At the start, Sigrun explained the importance of E.C.O.’s three pillars (Ecology – Communication – Organisation) for her. As a present to celebrate the start of her new job she received a piece of artwork by the Carinthian artist Bernd called “Unter uns” (amongst ourselves). The title also set the motto for the rest of the evening. Although most of the numerous guests hardly knew each other, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. Sigrun herself has been attached to E.C.O. for several years. In the foreground there has always been the fun and pleasure of working together; and this is how she wants it to continue in the future. We wish her the best of luck for this and will support her to the best of our abilities.

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