Buenos dias, España

Lectureship at the Universities of Madrid

“This lecture is a pleasure and honour for me.” At the beginning of February, Michael Jungmeier opened with his lecture the MSc course “Management of Protected Areas” in Madrid, the Spanish counterpart of the course of the same name at the University of Klagenfurt. The course is offered at three universities in Spain’s capital in cooperation with Europarc. The approximately 40 participants are from Spain and Latin America, e.g. Argentina or Uruguay. Within this course they want to put their practical experience in protected area management on a solid theoretical grounding and extend their knowledge against an international background.

The topic of Jungmeier’s lecture was “Principles and Instruments for the Integrated Management of Protected Areas”. Apart from theoretical aspects, the students also had the real possibility to work hands-on with the IPAM tool box (www.ipam.info). Concentrated and happy, they familiarized with the expert system. “A super-google for the management of protected areas”, the students enthused. Michael Jungmeier expressed his thanks for the invitation as well as the attention with a gift of the finest honey made from blossoms and flowers from the Rosental valley, which he had smuggled with considerable effort through several airport checks.

We wish this course, which is led by Jose Vincente and Santos Casados, every success and look forward to a good cooperation and active exchange in future.

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