E.C.O. receives Prize for Innovation and Research

On November 20th, the prizewinner of the „Prize for Innovation and Research of the State of Carinthia 2014“ was announced at the Casineum Velden. Companies from all over Carinthia submitted their innovational products to win the prize. E.C.O. was awarded second place in the category for small and medium sized companies for the product „map&go – fully digital field survey“.

E.CO. has worked for several years on „map&go“ which enables the integration of all relevant materials and equipment needed in field surveys. The newly developed software on a tablet computer unifies GIS applications, mobile databases, digital identification giudes, instructions and required documents. In addition to these innovations the device is able to determine its position by using GPS and enables the field staff to take pictures. No further equipment is needed. One of the biggest benefits lies in the weight reduction for field staff of about 90%.

At the official ceremony, presented by the directors of the KWF, the Governor of Carinthia Peter Kaiser and the Secretary for Environment Rolf Holub, short films about the awarded companies and their innovative products were presented to the audience. You can watch the film about „map&go“ here.

We would like to thank the KWF for the successful event and all our competitors for sharing their innovative products.

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