Grand opening at Finkensteiner Moor

New interactive infopoint is formally opened

The bog Finkensteiner moor, west of the Lake Faaker See is one of the biggest and unaffected moorlands in Carinthia. It is famous for its diverse flora and fauna and since 1984 it belongs to one of the 39 nature reserves in Carinthia. A very popular cycle path and hiking trail, which connects the districts Höfling and Faak am See, leads through the bog.

As part of the renovation of the theme trail, E.C.O. designed an interactive infopoint for the entrance area in Faak am See. It takes us on a journey through the history of the Finkensteiner Moor and “Gustl”, a cute grasshopper, invites us to an expedition into the bog. On the 15th of June, Community representatives together with other project members formally opened the interactive infopoint.

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