Habitat nature night

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The new online publication about nature night related education was developed in the LE-project ‘Lebensraum Naturnacht’ (‘Habitat nature night’), funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT), the federal government and the EU, and is especially dedicated to nature educators and everyone else interested in the topic of the habitat nature night.

What do I have to consider when planning an excursion at night-time? Which animals are nocturnal? Which constellations are best to tell interesting stories about?

The nature night with its mythical starry sky is essential habitat for animals and plants and significant for biodiversity. However, anthropogenic brightening of the night sky increases the pressure on natural night areas.

The publication promotes engagement with diverse night-related topics and effects of ‘light pollution’. Its aim is further to give an impulse for an intelligent and sustainable light management to conserve nocturnal habitats in Austria.

Our project partners were the Natural History Museum Vienna, the Environment Agency Austria and the association of the observatory "Kuffner Sternwarte" in Vienna.

➡ Online publication: „Lebensraum Naturnacht: Konzept zur nachtbezogenen Naturpädagogik“

Project ‚Lebensraum Naturnacht‘ – (Habitat nature night):

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