"Hirschbirn hirschn" officially opened

E.C.O. was commissioned to develop interactive and interpretative leisure facilities for the nature park Pöllauer Tal focusing on the old fruit variety “Hirschbirne”, which is characterstic for the area. In a participative process with local stakeholders and in close coordination with the client “Tourismusverband Naturpark Pöllauertal” we worked out the idea, to implement so called “theme based areas”.

The design of these “theme based areas” had to meet amibitious previously defined criteria: The refined system of the so called infopoints should allow for visiting single infopoints as stand-alone attractions. At the same time, the individual infopoints have to be linked to each other and complement each other regarding the content and the topics. From September 2013 to June 2014 seven attractive and interactive theme areas in the Nature Park Pöllauer Tal and one major infopoint in the Schlosspark Pöllau were developed and built in collaboration with local companies.

In the presence of political representatives, the involved local companies and large crowd of visitors, the interactive and creative infopoints were successfully and proudly presented to the public in the course of the official opening ceremony on June 28.

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