MCA: virtual infotour

Top-notch education for conservation areas

Do you work in nature conservation? In a conservation area even? Have you heard of the master programme ‚Management of Conservation Areas‘, that we codeveloped with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences? No? Then better prick up your ears now.

In September, the master programme ‘Management of Conservation Areas’ goes on a virtual tour through Europe to spread the word about this educational offer and the career opportunities presenting themselves with it. The starting point of the infotour will be the digitally held EUROPARC Conference on 8/9 September.

The tour consists of 20 workshops for different European regions and countries, organised in cooperation with several international nature conservation experts.

Every day professionals in conservation areas worldwide have to face and master various tasks and challenges. A top-notch further education dealing with the professional management of conservation areas will give them the hard and soft skills required to succesfully do so.

We are proud to support this study programme with our knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in the field.

For more info on the virtual info tour and the dates click here.

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