Michl Jungmeier: academic title of professor at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

Our heartiest congratulations

We congratulate Michl cordially to the awardance of his professorship at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

During Michl’s 30 years of service in nature conservation, his efforts bore fruit far beyond Carinthia and Austria.

After he had already been self-employed for several years, in 1997 he founded our company E.C.O. Institute of Ecology. It needs quite a bit of courage and commitment to venture into a barely existing market in the nature conservation sector with one’s own company. The experiment succeeded, E.C.O. successfully established itself as service provider in the field.

Among Michl‘s leading projects were the feasibility study for the Gesäuse National Park or the INTERREG project Integrated Protected Area Management (IPAM). These, among others, laid the founding stone for the professional specialisation in conservation area management which up until now is one distinguishing feature of our company.

With the first master study programme ‚Management of Protected Areas’ which he founded in 2006 together with Professor Michael Getzner at the University of Klagenfurt, he sat the course to the education sector and incorporated the strongly international focus of E.C.O.

Since Michl always takes on new tasks with great enthusiasm, we soon realized at E.C.O. that the UNESCO Chair which had been newly established in spring 2020 and Michl’s professorship at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences would soon demand his full attention. In April 2021, exactly after one quarter of a century, he left E.C.O. to dedicate himself full-time to his work at the University of Applied Sciences.

We miss his drive, innovative spirit, and creative communication skills. We want to continue his ideas and the corporate culture he shaped. Michl, we wish you all the best and are happy to see you mastering the challenges of nature conservation in the 21st century from now on as professor at the University of Applied Sciences.

© Johannes Puch

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