MMCA – Time plan is set

Master programme "Management of Conservation Areas" starts in February 2020

The timetable for the master programme "Management of Conservation Areas" is ready, the dates for the eight modules, which cover a total of 64 days, are fixed (see time schedule below). The first module will start on February 3, 2020. Due to the blocked courses, participating in the master programme while working full-time is very possible – the excursions will also take place during the days of attendance. "We will visit various protected areas in Austria and neighbouring countries" announces Michael Jungmeier, scientific director of the programme. "This will give students a good idea of the different areas, the natural environment, the management and the specific problems. We will meet with various stakeholders and will get to know and use the seminar facilities available in the protected areas".

The personal communication between participants and teachers as well as the exchange among participants and working together have a high priority in our programme. This is what distinguishes our programme from various online courses. The modules are planned in such a way that an exchange with the annual "European Parks Academy" (EPA) can take place – one module will be held in Klagenfurt in July 2020 and one in July 2021.

The participants who have applied for the upcoming programme so far come from Argentina, Ethiopia, Germany, Iran, Austria, Slovenia, Tanzania and the Ukraine. They come to us in Austria with individual problems and research interests. In order to give them enough time to prepare for the programme and to clarify the framework conditions, we have now scheduled the start for February 2020. Interested people have until November (30/11/19) to apply.

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