Natur Park Ahoy

Planning for the Weissbach nature park completed

“A nature park is like a sailing ship: The nature park makes up the hull, the people are the ship’s crew and the measures taken in the nature park are its sails.” With this picture Daniel Zollner opened his speech about the Weissbach nature park. Since August 2005 he has been attending and advising the municipality of Weissbach near Lofer (Salzburg) in the planning and establishment of a nature park, whose realization is a true concern of his. Thus he further said, “Currently there is a strong following wind for the nature park ship. I hope that you will take advantage of this wind.“

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the municipality of Weissbach the outcome of the planning process was presented to the public. Also, the recently appointed manager of the nature park, Christine Klenovec, was presented and officially welcomed. She took part in the international MSc course on “Protected Area Management” at the University of Klagenfurt. Klenowetz compared the nature park with a theatre: “The nature park provides a great scenery. Thus I see my task in finding the perfect role for every actor and coordinating their acting together.“

“The establishment of the nature park is an important step in the future development of the region”, said the mayor, Josef Hohenwarter. Apart from representatives from the municipality and the deputy governor, Wilfried Haslauer the school, nursery school, local traditional band and dancers in traditional costumes, firemen and the comradeship alliance also took part in the festivities on November 5th 2006. Freezing temperatures and snowfall could do nothing to dampen the good spirit. So we may look ahead to the future of the Weissbach nature park optimistically and we will follow its further development with great interest.

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