Not just a piece of cake!

We celebrate our successes with sweets from Stuchetz.

“David against Goliath” is the name of the unusual cake creation which was served at E.C.O. not long ago. The history of it: A controlling body of Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA) had complained about the size of the indicated forage area at the Feistritzer Alm pasture in the Gailtal valley. If the information had really been incorrect, this would have had awkward financial consequences for the cultivator of the Alpine pasture. As the Alpine pasture has been cared for by E.C.O. for years, accurate data about vegetation and utilisation could be presented in reply to the criticism by the AMA inspector.

The amicable end of the specialist discussion was celebrated with a cake from the patisserie Stuchetz ( The big head of the cake, “AMA”, looked discontented, the small head of the cake, “Hanns” – as the representative of E.C.O., looked happy with the world.

Also on birthdays, the successful completion of projects and official occasions sweet surprises are served time and again. For the opening ceremony of the Gesäuse National Park a Sachertorte cake in the colours of the national park was offered, and at the opening event of the MSc course “Management of Protected Areas” at the Carinthian Museum of Modern Art the guests could munch Punschkrapfen, Austrian pastries soaked with rum and traditionally with pink icing, which were coloured in the same mint green as the course logo.

We thank the patisserie Stuchetz for the sweet hours!

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