Special Edition

Special edition of the “International Journal of Sustainable Society” was published on the “Contribution of Protected Areas to Sustainability”

Preserving nature and offering interesting visitor attractions, such as exciting bird life or stunning mountain scenery, are not the only functions of protected areas. More and more they are meant to be model regions for sustainability, demonstrating how to find a balance between conservation and development.

The brand new edition of the “International Journal of Sustainable Society (IJSS)” deals with exactly these topics: it is dedicated to the contribution of protected areas to sustainability. Several authors present their results, for example on the influence of biosphere reserves on regional sustainability, on the contribution of participation processes to the sustainability to a lake in Greece, or on the costs and socio-economic benefits of the Natura 2000 network.

Michael Getzner and Michael Jungmeier, the two founders of the Klagenfurter MPA Programme, are guest editors of this particular edition of the IJSS which can be ordered at the journals web page:


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