Under the Lime Tree

The lime tree in Ottmanach at the foot of the Magdalensberg is said to be more than thousand years old. In 1955, the hollow tree was declared a natural monument. E.C.O. was asked to design an information board telling the history of the tree. A group of people from E.C.O. together with their families went to the lime tree in October to find out in a practical test how many children are needed to link hands and encircle the tree. The result: more than seven children!!

The children had fun exploring the lime tree, inspecting it and climbing it, while the grown-ups enjoyed Carinthian cake and hot drinks and shared anecdotes about the inn in the vicinity of the thousand-year old lime tree that was very popular among dancers in the 1970s. In the end, young and old agreed that the thousand-year old lime tree must have been the model for Pippi Longstocking’s lemonade tree.

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