Best of Luck, E.C.O. Rumänien!

Office is opened in Cluj/Klausenburg

Str. Calea Manastur no. 76, bl. E2, sc. 2, 2nd fl., apt. 36, 400658 Cluj Napoca – this is the address of E.C.O. Romania. The housewarming party was celebrated with a few close friends on 17th September. “The opening of this office marks the beginning of a new quality in the cooperation between Carinthia and Transylvania”, says Prof. Rakosy, one of the associates, gladly in his opening address.

Cristian Papp, managing director of the young company, explains the ambitious aims. “We want to become the best team of experts for nature conservation and protected areas in Romania and provide reliable and professional cooperation for our partners and clients. The many years of experience of E.C.O. are urgently needed in Romania.”

Accompanied by the applause of the guests, Cristian accepted a present from Austria: an acrylic picture by the Carinthian artist Zazl, which was signed by all the guests. After the ceremony, the evening was ended leisurely with a buffet and traditional Sarmale (cabbage rolls) served at midnight.

The young company is already engaged in the first projects, among which is the development of a programme for capacity building and training in the protected areas for Flora-Fauna-International. We wish them a good start and “Best of luck, E.C.O. Romania!”

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