“Wanted: Investigative spirit!”

Young talents complete internships at E.C.O.

Still don’t know what you’ll have done by the end of this summer? Already have to plans to go swimming and hang out with friends but the holiday fund could do with some improvement? Love being outdoors and love nature but jungle camp isn’t really your dream destination? Interested in technology but spending all day in lab and workshop isn’t your thing? Thinking about your future career and want to try a few things out?

This summer, E.C.O. is offering summer internships for students who want to find out about working in nature conservation and research. The Lendspitz-Maiernigg Natura 2000 site* on the eastern shores of the Wörthersee and the Lakeside Science & Technology Park are work locations where nature, technological development and science meet. And because it’s always better to learn and work together than on your own, the aim is for our three interns to work on different priority areas during the same period (22 July to 16 August 2019).

E.C.O. has been in charge of the Lendspitz-Maiernigg Natura 2000 site since 2013 as part of the “City meets Nature” project. It is both an ecologically valuable and sensitive wetland habitat and also an important local recreation area for the population of Klagenfurt. These different requirements give rise to many practical and technical questions and problems. Our interns will have the opportunity to work directly on the issues and contribute to solutions.

Apply directly or get more information at https://www.ffg.at/praktikaboerse

Of course, E.C.O. also offers training and continuing education programmes for those whose schooling already dates back two years or more: https://e-c-o.at/trainings-en.html

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