Application Service by Telephone

Time goes by. The deadline for application for the education „Management of Protected Areas“ is July 30th.  In the last three months some 100s of requests for information reached the programme – office. Besides the infodays most contacts were made by email. In the last two weeks we offer a telephone “hotline” for applicants.

  • You want to apply, but you need technical advice?
  • You have not decided yet, and would need further information?
  • You decided not to apply, but you somehow regret it?

Make use of our personal telephone service. Submit your telephone number ( and we will contact you within the next days. The MSc-Team is on your disposal for any information.

Scheduling of the programme gives maximum synergies with other professional duties

“How can I combine my professional duties with the requirements of the programme?” Besides financial issues this is the most frequently asked question of applicants. The whole programme is primarily addressed to professionals, who of course have other obligations, too. All together participants will have 65 days of attendance. How can this be managed?

  • The courses of the whole programme are organised in 9 blocks (modules) in order to provide a very condensed programme and to minimise travel times.
  • The modules are scheduled already until June 2007, so the planning is possible on a longterm perspective.
  • The scheduling takes into account the weekends. 15 days of presence are Fridays, 28 days of presence are either Saturday or Sunday. So there is 22 whole working days left in a time of two years.
  • Lat, but not least, an agreement with the employer should be taken into account. Maybe a part of this time can be seen as working time or as compensation time. Your employer will also benefits from the knowhow and networks, that will result of the programme.

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