Last Chance for Application !

The MSc-office is very busy these days – the deadline for applications is July, 30th, and we are now in the stage of processing and reviewing the materials already sent to us.

So far we received applications from Armenia, Austria, Cameroon, Iran, Malta, Moldova, Nepal, Nigeria, Romania, Switzerland and Zambia. Within the next few days, further applications from Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovac Republic and probably Italy and Czech Republic will be mailed to our office. We are happy to find that our applicants have a broad range of professional experience and that we have apparently managed to pass the information about our programme to highly qualified participants who are our core target group. Klagenfurt will become a place to get to know interesting people with interesting ideas about managing Protected Areas!

If you want to make use of this exceptional educational offer: decide now, apply now. Minimum requirement is that we receive an application via email until July 30th. (Original documents can be mailed in August).

Wandering around Europe: Our programme will take place in different Protected Areas in Europe. Therefore, participants will gain hands-on experience from different ecological, economic, social and political contexts – with special emphasis on combining both the conservation of biodiversity and regional sustainable development. (Picture: National Park Hohe Tauern, Austria)

Why do professionals apply for this programme ?

Applicants for this MSc – programme are highly qualified and see many possibilities to make use of the knowledge gained in their personal context. Read some extracts from the “letter of intent”, we received:

  • “I am gradually learning through experience; however it is logical that the theoretical and practical training this programme has to offer, will be extremely beneficial for me, both on a personal level as well as on a professional level” (J.B., Malta)
  • “I strongly feel that participation in the MSc-Programme “Management of Protected Areas” could be valuable to development of capacity to manage properly Protected Areas in Moldova” (T.B., Moldova)
  • “This training would offer me a unique qualification in European terms and new knowledge, which I would greatly appreciate” (B.K., Austria)
  • “With my job at the National Park I am directly confronted with the multiple tasks regarding the management of Protected Areas, i.e. nature conservation, visitor and event management, expectations of local people, etc. Effective nature conservation and management of PAs require special expertise” (L.Z., Austria)
  • “Sound application of knowledge learned from academic courses and experiences support decision making for sustainable development and contributes to alleviating poverty in developing countries like Nepal” (S.K.B., Nepal)

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