The programme will start definitly !

There are enough applications to start the MSc programme “Management of protected areas” at the University of Klagenfurt.

We received 35 applications from 14 different countries, amoung them from Armenia, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Nepal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovak Republic and Switzerland. Prof. Dr. Getzner positively surprised: “Most applicants are highly qualified and strongly motivated.”

Amoung all 24 participiants will be selected. The application interviews have started these days and are very inspiring and interesting.

MSc-Inauguration event !

The official start of the programme will be on Friday the 21st of october.

Beginning with a brunch in the morning the participiants will have the possibility to settle into the new environment. After some administrative doings in the afternoon, an entertaining evening event shall be the official part of the inauguration. It will take place in the Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt.

The very first get together of lectures, students, advisory board, sponsorship and other involved people shall encourage communication and the exchange of information. We do expect around 170 participiants and guests. An amusing and surprising as well as informative programme will be prepared to frame this unique event!

“An exciting location” – this was the first impression of event manager Mr. Krammer, circle&friends. (Picture: Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt)


The two-year MSc. programme “Management of Protected Areas” consists of nine blocks of courses, lectures, seminars and excursions. The first modul

“Introduction to the programme and course” will start saturday 22th of october and be held at the Klagenfurt`s university. Just as the second modul “theoretical aspects of MPA” taking place in february 2006 and finishing the first semester. The learning goal for this semester is to give theoretical foundations of the Management of Protected Areas in order to provide appropriate understanding for the following semester dealing with tools & development instruments for effective MPA.

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