“Knowledge to protect and innovate” !

“Innovation in conservation” is a local as well as a global concern. On October 21st the MSc programme “Management of Protected Areas” started officially. 21 participants from seven countries, the members of the Advisory Board, the lecturers and some 120 guests celebrated in the Museum of Modern Art in Klagenfurt.

Keynote speakers of ICUN, Europarc, Convention of Biological Diversity, Ramsar-Convention and many others congratulated and expressed their appreciation and support. Presentations of new technologies in the management of Protected Areas and diverse art performances were given throughout the night.

The night was hosted by the University of Klagenfurt and the Government of Carinthia. It was substantially sponsored by the City of Klagenfurt and the Carinthian event agency “circle & friends”.

By the way - participants had a short night. The 1st lecture started punctually at 8:00 next morning. The first lectures intended to be the introduction to the courses and specifically to the questions of the integrated management of Protected Areas.

Participants, members of the Advisory Board, lecturers and scientific executive celebrate a night dedicated to the future of Protected Areas (left to the right): Getzner Michael, Wieser Christian, Liebel Günther, Imboden Christian, Marija Zupancic-Vicar, Rupitsch Peter, Hails Sandra, Hartmann Martin, Borg Joanna, Klenovec Christine, Zechner Lisbeth, Koch Birgit-Agnes, Mulongoy Jo Kalemani, Chaudary Sunita, Hradetzky Regine, Succow Michael, Visotschnig-Bruckschwaiger Renate, Nakarmi Ganga, Jungmeier Michael, Langenfelde Meldra, Timilsina Lila Bati, Pfleger Bernd, Schuh Thomas, Kolar-Planinsic Vesna, Jenderedjian Arpine, Biner Jürg, Fehr Christine, Papp Chrstian-Remus, Müller Barbara, Potozky Laszlo Romulus, Glatz Susanne.

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