“A great success” – 1st Academic Promotion of Participants

“We are happy and proud of what has been achieved”. Michael Getzner and Michael Jungmeier, directors of the programme, thank and congratulate participants, lecturers and members of the advisory board for their contributions and their dedication. The academic ceremony took place on June, 15th in Klagenfurt, after the participants had defended their thesis against an international audience.

The presentation of the thesis was one of the highlights of the “Klagenfurt Days of Protected Areas”. This initiative of the Klagenfurt University combined some 10 meetings and conferences that were dedicated to the future of Protected Areas.

“Time to celebrate” - 19 young professionals are on their way to shape the future of Protected Areas: Borg Joanna, Chaudary Sunita, Fehr Christine, Glatz Susanne, Hartmann Martin, Hradetzky Regine, Jenderedjian Arpine, Klenovec Christine, Koch Birgit, Langenfelde Meldra, Müller Barbara, Nakarmi Ganga, Papp Cristian-Remus, Pfleger Bernd, Potozky Laszlo, Schuh Thomas, Timilsina Lila Bati, Visotschnig Bruckschwaiger Renate, Zechner Lisbeth.

A bear is watching MSc-staff and Advisory Board: Vicky Hasler (Ministry of the Environment), Peter Rupitsch (National Park Hohe Tauern), Caro Stuchetz (E.C.O.), Michael Jungmeier (E.C.O.), Marija Zupancic Vicar (WCPA, IUCN), Christoph Imboden (Consultant), Sandra Hails (Ramsar), Gerry Steindlegger (WWF international), Michael Succow (University Greifswald), Friedrich Leitner (Carinthian Museum).

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