New Book presented: Improving Protected Areas

“…an interesting compilation of innovative approaches, strategic analysis and newly developed tools”. The University of Klagenfurt has launched a new book series: “Proceedings in the Management of Protected Areas”.

In Vol. 1 participants of the MSc. program “Management of Protected Areas” present their thesis. The contributions range from biodiversity and visitors´ management, legal issues and management effectiveness, to finances and economy, quality management and participation. From “Safeguarding the River Dolphin in Koshi River (Nepal)” to “Sponsoring Alpine Protected Areas” a large diversity of topics is covered.

The new book series was presented during the “Klagenfurt Days of Protected Areas”. The photographs show the editors Michael Getzner and Michael Jungmeier, the publisher Achim Zechner (Verlag heyn) and “Zazl”, the artist who designed the cover page.

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The book (ISBN 978-3-7084-0356-4) can be ordered in now in your bookshop or via the publisher´s homepage: The cost price is € 20.-

Table of Contents

  1. Biodiversity Conservation and Visitor Management
    1. Safeguarding Threatened Species: River Dolphins (Sunita Chaudhary, Nepal)
    2. Managing Visitor Flows: Gesäuse National Park (Lisbeth Zechner, Austria)
    3. Parks without Barriers: Gauja National Park (Meldra Langenfelde, Latvia)
    4. The “face to the visitor” – Park Rangers in Austria (Martin Hartmann, Austria)
  2. Legal Frameworks and Management Effectiveness
    1. Implementing European Legislation: Natura 2000 in Malta (Joanna Borg, Malta)
    2. Improving Marine Protected Areas (Renate Visotschnig-Bruckschwaiger, Austria)
    3. Establishing a Network of Large Protected Areas: Parks in Switzerland (Christine Fehr, Switzerland)
    4. Assessing the Management: The Chitwan National Park (Ganga Nakarmi, Nepal)
    5. Evaluating Management: A New Tool for Europe (Bernd Pfleger, Austria)
  3. Finances and Economics
    1. Sponsoring in Protected Areas: Alpine Parks (Barbara Ursula Müller, Austria)
    2. Funding Protected Areas: Small Grants Programmes as Effective Tools for Financing PAs (László Potozky, Romania)
    3. Wilderness as Model for Economy: Management Bionics and Sustainability  (Thomas Schuh, Austria)
    4. Tourism Development: Sevan National Park (Arpine Jenderedjian, Armenia)
    5. Improving Livelihood: Chitwan National Park (Lila Bati Timilsina, Nepal)
  4. Quality Management, Communication and Participation
    1. Branding of Nature Parks: Austria and Germany (Christine Klenovec, Austria)
    2. Towards a New Quality: Nature Parks in Tyrol (Birgit Koch, Austria)
    3. Transboundary Management: Carei Plain (Ro/Hu) (Cristian Remus Papp, Romania)
    4. Involving Resident People: Flathead Indian Reservation (USA) (Susanne Glatz-Jorde, Austria)

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