MPA in Venice

By invitation of UNESCO the latest module of the MSc.programme “Management of Protected Areas” took place in Palazzo Zorzi, Venice.

The participants had the opportunity to learn about the system of the lagoon. A management plan for the cultural and heritage is being elaborated currently. Participants were given valuable insights into one of the most complex management planning processes of the world. The outstanding natural and cultural heritage of the lagoon has to be protected in a living city with high development pressure and many technical challenges, such as flooding, pollution or traffic.

So Venice was an exiting classroom for participants of 11 different countries.

Conference – Announcement

Netzwerk Land, in co-operation with the University of Klagenfurt invites for a conference: „Schutzgebietsbetreuung in Österreich – Regionale Rahmenbedingungen, überregionale Ziele“; June, 30th in Klagenfurt (info:

MPA - Next programm 2011

The preparation of the upcoming program has started. The next turn will start in September 2011. The new flyers are available by now. If you want to participate in this international study programm please refer to the homepage:

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