Module in Slovak Republic

The latest module of the Msc-programme “Management of Protected Areas” took place in Smolenice in the Lower Carpathian mountians(Sl). The excursions gave opportunity to connect to an outstanding landscape and to the regional conservation authority. International lecturers, amongst them as Ladislav Miko (European Commission) or Joanna Borg (Malta Environmental Protection Authority), gave insights to management planning of Protected Areas in the European context.

MPA - Next programm 2011: Application package online!

The next turn of the programme “Management of Protected Areas” will

start in September 2011. All information is available on the homepage:, the application package is in the download area.

Europarc-Scholarship for Alina Ionita!

Alina Ionita, an mpa-participant from Romania, was awarded with an Alfred Toepfer Scholarship at this years´ Europarc conference in National Park of Abruzzo (It). The grant enables her to perform a European study trip about “The role of protected areas in rural development”. We congratulate the awardee and we thank Europarc for opening this oportunity for a young professional.

Call for papers!

The „International Journal of Sustainable Society“ calls for paper for the special issue: “The contribution of protected areas and biodiversity conservation for sustainability”. The aim of this special issue is to highlight the significance and importance of protected areas for sustainable development. Abstract shall be submitted until November 15th, the deadline for papers for review is January31st, 2011. Please contact Prof. Michael Getzner (

Aim of the special issue:

The aim of the special issue is to highlight the significance and importance of protected areas for sustainability, not only in an ecological sense but taking into account the economic and social dimension of sustainable development. This includes the economic impacts of protected areas (e.g. provision of vital ecosystem services for local communities), as well as social implications (e.g. participation of stakeholders in establishment and management of protected areas). The special volume aims to present the most recent developments in the scientific debate, in the form of empirical and policy oriented papers on which general conclusions for the role of protected areas for sustainability, as well as for the management of protected areas, can be drawn.

Subject coverage/contributions:

  • Protected areas as “islands of sustainability” – is this concept “sustainable”?
  • Participation and civil society in protected areas (including community and capacity building)
  • Management of protected areas: multidimensionality, interdisciplinarity, sustainability
  • Livelihood and regional development based on protected areas
  • Evaluation of protected areas: sustainability and participation
  • Education and information in protected areas – prerequisite for sustainable life styles?
  • Benefits and costs involved with the establishment and management of protected areas, including the distribution of benefits/costs among stakeholder groups
  • Valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in protected areas –
    connections to management and financing of protected areas
  • Case-studies on sustainability in protected areas
  • Tourism in PA regions – PA tourism: Which is to be preferred from a
    sustainability viewpoint?
  • Innovation for sustainability as triggered by protected areas
  • Planning protected areas as an intervention towards sustainable development (intervention theory)
  • Function of protected areas as model regions to test (new) concepts of sustainability

The reviewing process is organized by the editors with the help of the editorial office. Reviewers are chosen based on the papers submitted.


  • Abstract submission for paper proposals: 15 November 2010+
  • Acceptance of abstracts until 30 November 2010
  • Submission of full paper for review: 31 January 2011
  • Review results communicated to authors: 15 March 2011
  • Final revised papers due on 15 April 2011

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