Start of the Next Course

February 2012 will see the start of the course “Management of Protected Areas”, which is now being run for the fourth time. Participants from all over the world, including Brazil, Nepal, Tanzania, Ukraine, Malaysia, Pakistan, Austria, Romania and Croatia, will meet up in Klagenfurt. The final preparations have just been completed. The participants can look forward to personal contact with respected experts, access to the latest technologies, transcultural learning and an academic qualification which is well known and highly regarded internationally.

The official deadline for applications has already expired, but potential applicants who have made their minds up late still have the option of contacting the course management directly: Michael Jungmeier (

Numerous Prizes for Our Graduates

Now that the course has been run three times, a little review is appropriate: 54 participants from 22 countries have successfully completed the course. Practically all the graduates have either found professional employment or been able to substantially improve their professional position. A total of 14 research prizes have been awarded to our graduates, primarily in recognition of their diploma theses, but also for research projects extending beyond these. On behalf of the Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt we warmly congratulate the recipients of these awards.


The Alumni Club - a Growing Network

In 2007 the graduates of the course founded the Alumni Club. The network spans the different continents, and its programme offers exchanges of experience, cooperation and joint activities. The President Bernd Pfleger (, who graduated from the first course, and Vice-President Tommy Topp ( control the fortunes of the association. Further information is available on the website

In the attached document, three representatives of the Alumni Club present current projects.

2011_10 Newsletter Alumni Club 4-6

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