Impressions from the second course module in Vienna / Summer Camp Seminar

„A titanic amount of information“: this is how one of the participants in the most recent module of the university certificate programme „Management of Protected Area“ sums up the experience. Indeed, the ten days at the beginning of June were rather intense. As one of many presenters, the botanical globe trotter Georg Grabherr talked about his expeditions to the „ecosystems of the world“, leading his audience from the polar deserts of the arctic tundras to the tropical rain- and cloud forests. Together with Barbara Müller, the participants worked through the basics of „business planning and business administration“. An experienced employee of a large investment bank presented a range of tools, which are essential for protected areas.

In her seminar, Karin Grasenick provided the participants with the opportunity to experiment with „group dynamics and transcultural learning“. Of course, guests from Malaysia, Brazil, Nepal, Central and Eastern Europe offer the ideal occasion to develop and enhance intercultural skills. As one example amongst many, the different ways of greeting others and introducing oneself illustrates the diversity of the participants. „Transcultural cooperation is about comprehending and using diversity as a value and an opportunity“, Karin Grasenick explains.

„We barely found time to eat and relax“, the participants commented with regard to the days spent in Vienna. Austria’s capital city is regarded as one of Europe’s most liveable cities and is home to a number of protected areas, as well as the renowned cultural heritage. Excursions to the National Park Donau-Auen and the Biosphere Park Wiener Wald, as well as Fossil World in Korneuburg featured in the tightly-packed programme. The participants were impressed by the attractive visitors’ facilities and educational programmes, and greatly enjoyed the Natural History Museum.

New: Summer Camp Seminar: „“

„I am very proud of this new offer“, Daniel Zollner, the initiator of the new summer camp seminar in Klagenfurt states. The innovative format of the event provides a wider audience with access to the international presenters and teaching staff involved in the certificate programme „Management or Protected Areas“. Dudley Weeks (USA) and An Cliquet provided the start. Weeks is deployed as conflict mediator in many of the world’s trouble spots, such as South Africa, Bosnia or Northern Ireland. The participants are introduced to Dudley’s successful „Conflict Partnership Process“, and have a chance to test it. Co-Trainer An Cliquet (Belgium) is Professor of Law at Gant University and specialises in European law, particularly with regard to „Natura 2000“; she is able to provide specific examples for various areas of conflict.

The Summer Camp Seminar has been designed for nature protection authorities, managers of protected areas, NGOs and any persons dealing with conflicts of use in their daily work.
Further information is available here (invitation, registrationform)

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