Publication of Volume 3 of the „Proceedings in the Management of Protected Areas”

„The final goal of our work, however, can only be to consider and to treat the whole world as a protected area“, Professor Lengauer, the Vice-Rector responsible for International Relations, states in his preface to the recently published volume of proceedings. Indeed, protected areas have gained great significance as model regions for sustainable development. This is also highlighted by a perusal of this book, which explores “innovative approaches to manage protected areas”. A range of case studies provides impressive proof of the innovation potential that exists in protected areas.


As was the case in previously held courses, the participants are required to present a condensed version of the results of their diploma projects. Including subjects ranging from the management of individual species and habitats to the economic valuation of protected areas and systems of protected areas, the book illustrates the wide variety of topics, the broad diversity of the participants as well as the high quality of the theses. The book is published by Heyn and can be ordered from bookshops or from the website


The two preceding volumes can also be purchased online:


The individual contributions were made by:

1.) Introduction

  • Getzner Michael & Michael Jungmeier: Innovations as driving forces in protected areas

2.) Management planning and management effectiveness

  • Strbenac Ana: Evaluation of wolf management effectiveness in Croatia
  • Grujicic Ivana: Assessment of protected areas management effectiveness in Serbia
  • Svajda Juraj: Evaluation of integrated protected area management in Slovak national parks
  • Martin Emanuel: Species management: Absence of lions in Arusha national park

3.) Economic valuation and livelihood in protected areas

  • Kikoti Zuwena: Livelihoods and ecosystem services around protected areas: Ugalla Game Reserve ecosystem
  • Topp Tommy: Value of the San Rock Art in the uKhahlamba Drakensberg World Heritage Site
  • Akwetaireho Simon: Economic valuation of Mabamba Bay wetland system of international importance

4.) Protected area management and institutions

  • Lange Sigrun: Transboundary cooperation in PA management
  • Vasilevich Hanna: Creating an international park in Poland and Belarus
  • Vuksoc Katharina: Assignment of a protected area management category to the National Park Lovcen, Montenegro

5.) Economics of protected areas: branding and regional development

  • Drabosenig Anna: Brand analysis of Austrian national parks

Fuchs Astrid: Contribution of the Dobratsch nature park to regional development

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