The EUROPARC Library opens at Klagenfurt University

Speaking on the occasion of the opening of the new library, Thomas Hansson, president of the EUROPARC Federation, described an “investment in the future of the management of protected areas in Europe”. EUROPARC, the Federation of European Protected Areas, has developed a well-stocked knowledge pool: With immediate effect, participants in the University Certificate Course “Management of Protected Areas” as well as any interested members of the public can access more than 2000 books. During a festive ceremony that took place on September 24th, students, teaching staff, and representatives from international organisations (UNESCO, IUCN, Alparc) took the opportunity to explore the EUROPARC Library.




“We are delighted to be able to offer a new home to this valuable source of knowledge”, Professor Bodenhöfer stated during the opening ceremony. Due to a lack of space, EUROPARC had been forced to shed its library; this has now been adopted and is very well used by the “Management of Protected Areas” programme. A new inventory was made of the books, and the existing stocks will be added to. Carol Ritchie, Director of EUROPARC, stated that “even in this electronic era, the primary sources are still needed!”

A library can be seen as “thoughts in cold storage”, as the British elder statesmen Herbert Samuels once said. The thoughts of all those who contributed to the protection and management of Europe’s natural heritage won’t remain in cold storage for long, however. The students participating in our programme will use this unique resource to innovate and develop new ways of looking after nature in the future. This purpose will give this library a new lease of life.


Symposium June 2013: “Dynamics and conservation in protected areas - challenges for research and management”

We would like to draw your attention to the invitation to the “5th Symposium on Research in Protected Areas”, from 10th – 12th June 2013 in the National Park Hohe Tauern. Applications are encouraged from all researchers whose work shows a connection to protected areas and to the guiding theme of the symposium. Take the opportunity to present your contribution to an international audience. The deadline for applications is October 19th, 2012!

Further information regarding the “call for contributions” is available here:

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