Colourful new outfit:

The re-launch of the MPA Homepage marks the beginning of the promotion of the next class starting in February 2014

Eight years after the establishment of the Klagenfurter MPA Programme, its official homepage has been revised substantially. It can be found at the following web address:

The re-launch was overdue”, remarks Michael Jungmeier, the managing Director of the Programme. “The clear but attractive design, peppered with colourful images, now ideally reflects the innovative approach of the course on the one hand, and the lively exchange of the international students on the other hand. This will facilitate the promotion of the next round of the programme.”



With immediate effect, applications are accepted for the next class, which will start in February 2014. The application deadline is 30 October 2013. On the homepage, interested persons will find all relevant information at a glance. The “Short Links” section on the right hand side provides an easy access to the programme’s learning goals, institutional structure and application procedure. The application package, consisting of the application form and the time table for the modules of the 2014 class, can be downloaded from the homepage. Financial and other frequently asked questions are answered in the “FAQ” section.


However the new homepage even provides interesting information for all adepts of the MPA Programme. By way of example, the new Scientific Director, Prof. Heike Egner, is presented. Egner is convinced thatprotected areas are expressions as well as manifestations of the way how societies deal with their natural environments. In this sense, protected areas say much less about ‘nature’ itself, rather more about the ‘relationship’ of us humans to nature.” Furthermore, all proceedings and theses published to date can be downloaded from the homepage as of now. Thus we invite you to visit the new homepage, and run over the different sections. Feedback is welcome and can be sent to

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