Promotion with printed material seems dating back to the Stone Age; web pages have long since been standard. But if broad population levels, and particularly younger people, should be addressed, nowadays you HAVE to be present on YouTube. So it was just a question of time, until the Klagenfurter MPA Programme would be visualised in a short video clip. And the result is worth watching.


Eight students from Austria, Croatia, Romania, Malaysia, Nepal, and Brazil have been given a say to share their experiences on the academic course on protected areas management. “I very much enjoy this course, because it is a great combination of theory and practice together with a great bunch of people”, comments Laszlo Potozky (Romania), a student from the very first round. Elisabeth Kreimer (Austria), a current student, states that the cooperation and exchange between the participants is very important: they are not only learning from the lectures but also from each other. As there are a lot of challenges in managing protected areas, the extra-occupational educational offer is highly needed, adds Ludi Apin (Malaysia). And it is the only professional study in Europe which can be attained by protected areas’ staff, believes Siniša Golub (Croatia). Finally, according to Sunita Chaudhary (Nepal), the course is not only effective for nature conservation, but also for the career and future opportunities of the students.


Protected areas are “manifestations of long societal debates, struggling to find compromises for very different interests”, explains Prof. Heike Egner, the academic Director of the programme. Park managers have to deal with different kinds of questions related to economic, political, and social aspects. Thus the course is meant to “inspire, enable and empower managers and responsible decision makers in protected areas”, adds Michael Jungmeier, the managing Director. He wishes that with this programme the University of Klagenfurt might contribute to a proper and efficient management of protected areas which are key features for sustainable development worldwide.

The video has been realised in cooperation with Werner Fiedler (FIEDLER.TV Filmproduktion). It can be watched at:


In addition, we would like to attract your attention to the international Symposium for Research in Protected Areas, which will take place from 10 to 12 June 2013 in Mittersill (Salzburg, Austria). The programme, all relevant information, and modalities for registration (until 22 May) can be found on the following website:

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