Info-Events: Watch cranes in Wanninchen (26 September) or explore the new visitor centre in Berchtesgaden National Park (2 October) after being informed about the Klagenfurter MPA Programme


As you already know, in February 2014, the Klagenfurter MPA Programme will start for the fifth time. Several appropriate candidates already applied, but there is still two months time to demonstrate one’s interest: applications have to be submitted until 31 October 2013. “We wonder why in the past we succeeded in attracting several participants from all over Europe, and even from Ecuador, Brazil, Malaysia, and East Africa, but so far, students from Germany have been rare”, stated Michael Jungmeier. “Only two joined the programme since its start in 2005”. Thus it was decided to organise two information events in Germany in order to increase its awareness level in the neighbouring country:


  • Northern Germany: On Thursday, 26 September 2013 you will be able to inform yourself about the programme in the Heinz Sielmann Nature Conservation Centre Wanninchen. As the cranes are visiting the area at that time, you will get some information on these fascinating animals and will be able to watch them with your binoculars or spotting scopes.




  • Southern Germany: On Wednesday, 2 October 2013 information on the programme is given in the new visitor centre “Haus der Berge” of Berchtesgaden National Park. Afterwards you can explore the innovative concept of the house with its manifold exhibitions. As the following day is a public holiday you may extend your stay and join a guided walk of the national park or go hiking in the mountains yourself.




 Detailed information is available in the attached folder. Please be aware, that the information events are hold in German language (as is the folder). We are looking forward to you joining us there!

Special edition of the “International Journal of Sustainable Society” was published on the “Contribution of Protected Areas to Sustainability”

Preserving nature and offering interesting visitor attractions, such as exciting bird life or stunning mountain scenery, are not the only functions of protected areas. More and more they are meant to be model regions for sustainability, demonstrating how to find a balance between conservation and development. The brand new edition of the “International Journal of Sustainable Society (IJSS)” deals with exactly these topics: it is dedicated to the contribution of protected areas to sustainability. Several authors present their results, for example on the influence of biosphere reserves on regional sustainability, on the contribution of participation processes to the sustainability to a lake in Greece, or on the costs and socio-economic benefits of the Natura 2000 network. Michael Getzner and Michael Jungmeier, the two founders of the Klagenfurter MPA Programme, are guest editors of this particular edition of the IJSS which can be ordered at the journals web page:

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