From local to global engagement: Contributing to the management of a local protected area and to the development of global competence standards for park managers


While the 6th module of the MPA Programme took place in Klagenfurt in September 2013, a great success could be celebrated: a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Federal State of Carinthia, the City of Klagenfurt, and the MPA Programme at the University of Klagenfurt. The three parties agreed that for the next five years they will closely cooperate in the management of the Natura 2000 site “Lendspitz-Maiernig” which is located in the immediate vicinity of the University. Some collaboration already occurred since 2012 but it was not formalised yet. As of now, at Lendspitz-Maiernig students of the MPA Programme will be given the opportunity to directly implement their theoretical knowledge into practice. “Where city meets nature, there is a lot to do – and to learn”, commented Michael Jungmeier, the operational director of the MPA Programme.



With their signature, Heike Egner, Rolf Holub, and Andrea Wulz officially agreed on cooperating in the management of the Natura 2000 site “Lendspitz-Maiernig”

Another highlight of the 6th MPA module was the presentation of the publication “Protected Areas in Focus: Analysis and Evaluation”, a new volume of the “Proceedings in the Management of Protected Areas”. It subsumes the results of the research activities of the students of the 2009 course, ranging from planning and governing protected areas to ecological, social and economic aspects which have to be considered throughout the management process. Additionally, two experts have been invited to contribute to the volume with chapters about gaps in capacity development for protected area management in Serbia, and biosphere reserves as model regions for sustainable development. The publication can be downloaded for free at



Heike Egner, Andreij Sovinc, Achim Zechner, and Michael Jungmeier presented the forth volume of the MPA Proceedings to the members of the advisory board, the current MPA students, and to some representatives of the city of Klagenfurt and the Federal State of Carinthia.

At the same time when the local engagement of the MPA Programme was reinforced in Klagenfurt, an international workshop of the IUCN WCPA Protected Area Capacity Development Programme took place at the Island of Vilm in Northern Germany. In preparation of the IUCN Congress 2014 in Sydney, a small group of international experts elaborated and revised a global set of about 200 professional competences that are required for the management of protected areas worldwide. These competence standards are considered to form the basis for the development of curricula for capacity building programmes and certification systems for individuals or institutions. The experiences from the Klagenfurt MPA Programme have been brought into the discussion by Sigrun Lange.



At the Island of Vilm, a small group has been working on the competence standards for protected area managers (from left to right): Glenn Ricci, David Reynolds, Mike Appleton, Allan Valverde, Sigrun Lange, Domoina Rakotobe, and Eleanor Sterling.


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