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Apply now for the next round of the Klagenfurt MSc study programme “Management of Protected Areas”


Although the number and size of protected areas has been continously increasing worldwide over the last decades, the permanent loss of biological diversity could not be halted. Has the concept of preserving particular sites whilst overusing the remaining areas failed? Not really, but we require a more effective management and a consequent integration of our protected areas into the wider landscape!


It´s a fact that planning and managing protected areas is – and has always been – a challenging mission. Due to environmental and societal changes and increasing land-use pressures it probably will become even more challenging in the future. Thus, in their day-to-day work, quite managers often come to their limits. At the same time they are expected to be ecological experts, communication geniuses, and wise businessmen and women. How to get prepared for dealing with all these complex issues which are emerging in parks? You might be able to acquire the necessary skills gradually just by doing your job by means of trial-and-error. However, we recommend participating in the Klagenfurt MSc programme "Management of Protected Areas". This biennial extra-occupational training provides a profound interdisciplinary education for outstanding personalities, who want to make a real change and preserve our natural resources for future generations.




Are you a park manager, a conservationist, a representative of a governmental or non-governmental organisation, or maybe a career changer who is interested in working in the field of nature conservation? Do you want to broaden and deepen your knowledge on protected areas management? Would you enjoy being part of a small team of at most 25 international participants, and exchanging experiences with renowned international lecturers from various fields of protected areas management? If so, please register now for the fifth round of the course which will start on 20 February 2014. Applications can be submitted until 30 October 2013


You should be prepared to


  • invest 12,400 Euro (tuition fee, including all courses and materials),
  • attend eight training modules (altogether 66 days of attendance within a period of two years to be held at the University of Klagenfurt or in selected European protected areas),
  • work on assignments at home, and
  • prepare a master thesis on a selected topic at the end of the programme. 


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