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Status of applications

September 2015 will see the start of the course “Management of Protected Areas”, which is now being run for the fifth time. For example, applicants from Austria, Pakistan or even Ecuador, have the intention to meet up in Klagenfurt. The participants can look forward to personal contact with respected experts, access to the latest technologies, transcultural learning and an academic qualification, which is well known and highly regarded internationally.

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Personal Skype Talk for first-hand information

The official deadline for applications will expire in about 30 days, but potential applicants who have not made up their minds yet, still have the option of contacting the course management directly. Michael Jungmeier, director of the MSc programme, is at your disposal for personal information about the programme.

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“I gladly welcome the opportunity to meet up with the future participants personally via Skype to give them a first-hand information and deeper insight in the unique programme”, says Michael Jungmeier. He is available for personal talks via skype on 3 June 2015 (from 1 pm to 5 pm) and on 10 June 2015 (from 9 am to 12 am).

Please take this opportunity and get in contact with the course administration by Email to schedule your personal skype appointment.

For personal talks, also Elisabeth Kreimer is at your disposal at the Little Sydney Conference, which takes place from 28-31 May 2015 in the Nationalpark Donauauen (Austria).

Faces of MPA Vol. 3

The series “Faces of MPA” introduces the lecturers and collaborators of the MPA programme and gives an insight into the broad portfolio of their different backgrounds.

Karin Grasenick, Ph.D.  is founder and head of convelop, a company which develops strategies and programmes for regions, public authorities and organisations and also accompanies their implementation.

In the MPA programme, Karin holds the lecture on “intercultural competencies and group dynamics” and she is well known for her exciting, surprising and unconventional teaching approaches. She teaches about basic concepts of culture, diversity and intercultural competences and shows ways to communicate across cultures and how to solve conflicts. Karin Grasenick explains, “Intercultural Competence describes the ability to interact effectively in an intercultural situation. Especially for Managers of protected areas this is very important skill”.

Because of Karin’s new and interactive approaches, her informative and lively lectures have a great response. We were delighted about the cooperation with her and that she shares this interesting topic with our MPA students.


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Karin Grasenik (Fotos: M. Jungmeier & Convelop)

Focus of the programme: innovation in conservation

The postgraduate master`s programme “Management of Protected Areas” at the University of Klagenfurt is dealing with inter- and transdisciplinary issues. On one hand, the programme focuses on integration of socio-cultural, economic and ecological aspects and on participative approaches in the management of Protected Areas. On the other hand, additional focal points are new technologies, innovative methods and techniques, which open up new ways of nature conservation.

UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles or drones) are among those innovations in conservation. In a lecture with technical emphasis, the MPA students find out more about the possible fields of application of UAV’s. They are widespread, reaching from conservation, ecological monitoring, documentation of inaccessible or sensitive areas such as mires, water bodies, floodplains or rock sections, to its use for the documentation of land-use (e.g. agriculture, forestry) and its use to support ecological construction supervision.

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