> reactions to our programme in the media

Kleine Zeitung, 25th of November 2012

Ökonom mit Bodenhaftung - Hans Joachim Bodenhöfer bekam den renommierten europäischen Umweltpreis "Binding".

UNI News, 27th of November 2012

Lehrgang „Management of Protected Areas“ der Alpen-Adria-Universität erhält den renommierten Binding-Preis

Woche, 21st of September 2011

Wissen schaffen über Schutzgebiete

Brand eins, July 2011


MPA Alumni Club, June 2011

Experience Wilderness

Die Presse, 28th of May 2011

Fokus Masterstudien

Kronenzeitung, 3rd of March 2011

Für den weltweiten Schutz der Natur

Kleine Zeitung, 3rd of March 2011

Lehrgang für einen weltweiten Naturschutz

Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung Bd. 42/April 2010

Ausbildung zum Management von Schutzgebieten

Natur und Land Heft 1/2010

Internationaler Universitätslehrgang für die Planung von Schutzgebieten

UNISONO Nr. 83/3 2009

Klagenfurt Days of Protected Areas 2009

UNISONO plus 02 2009

MSc.-Lehrgang "Management of Protected Area"

Österreichischer Nationalpark-Forschungspreis für drei Absolventen

SOS parks

AlParc Announcement

The Association of Alpine Parks (Alparc) had this announcement in their newsletter in Aug. 2008.

Der Standard 9th of May 2009

Ad in the Austrian dialy Der Standard

Umweltdachverband May 2009

Announcement of the Austrian NGO Umweltdachverband in their Newsletter

Austrian Sustainability Award - January 2009

The MPA programme was presented last year in the Austrian Sustainability Award, and included in the brochure of all projects submitted to the award. The programme was also described in detail in a thick publication of the Austrian Ministry of Science (in German).

Kleine Zeitung, 25th of december 2008

The local newspaper "Kleine Zeitung" wrote an report about the project about bushman paintings at the uKhahlamba Drakensberg park of Thomas Topp (participant of the MSc-Programme which started 2007), Barbara Müller (Participants of the first MSc-Programme) and Michael Hochkofler

Umweltdachverband September 2008

The Austrian Association of Environmental NGOs (Umweltdachverband) has published an announcement about our programme on their homepage.

Tropical Biology Association September 2009

The TBA announced our upcoming 2009 class on their webpage.

RAMSAR newsletter September 2008

Comprehensive announcement about the new class starting in September 2009 including all details and many pictures.

Kleine Zeitung, October 2007

The regional newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, published a short article on the start of this year's programme.

RAMSAR news, September 2007

On the RAMSAR convention's website, a detailed and enthusiastic article about our programme was published in September 2007

UniSono June 2007

The university's regular journal published an article about the "International Colloquium on Protected Areas", 15 June 2007.

APA June 2007

A long article of the APA (Austrian Press Association) about our programme and the International Colloquium of Protected Areas (15 June 2007).

Kleine Zeitung 16th of June 2007

The local newspaper "Kleine Zeitung" wrote an report about the "Klagenfurt - Days of Protected Areas" and the "MSc-Programme - Final Event" at the Napoleonstadl (German)

ESEE Newsletter, October 2006

The European Society for Ecological Economics announced the new start of our programme (2007) in its October 2006 newsletter.

Neues Deutschland

The newspaper "Neues Deutschland" has a report on our Official Opening Event on the 21st of October 2005 (German)

Standard October 2005

The Austrian daily newspaper, "Der Standard" presents the MSc-Programme in a hal-page article.

Kleine Zeitung, 29th of October

The local newspaper published an article about the brandnew postgraduated-course of the Master of Science (MSc) (German)

Kärntner Tageszeitung, 25th of October 2005

The Newspaper "Kärntner Tageszeitung" wrote a short article about the Programme (German)

Der Standard

The Austrian daily newspaper, "Der Standard" had an informative advertising of the MSc-Programme (German) (June 2005).

Der Standard 21st of May 2005

The Austrian daily newspaper, "Der Standard" had a large report in the weekend issue of May 21, 2005 (in German)

Unisono Februar 2005

The Magazine "Unisono" (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt) explains the details and goals about the MSc-Programme (German)

Unisono Oktober 2005

The Magazine "Unisono" (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt) wrote an article about the upbeat of the MSc-Course (German)

Der Standard, 8th of October 2005

The Austrian daily "Der Standard" had a longer report in their weekend special on masters studies in Austria (in German).

RAMSAR Newsletter

The RAMSAR convention had this announcement in its April 2005 issue of its newsletter.

RTPI Newsletter

The Newsletter of RTPI (Environmental Planning and Protection Network) published our announcement in its April 2005 issue (see page 3).


The regional ecology and development journal "LebensRäume" had a two-pages report in their June 2005 issue (in German).

Austria Innovative

The Austrian journal "Austria Innovative" published in its recent issue an article on our "innovative" and "internationally singular" education programme.

Oesterreichische Hochschulzeitung - Austrian University Journal

The Austrian University Journal published in its May edition an article regarding our innovative programme (in German).


Announcement in the IUCN Regional Office for Europe newsletter of March 2005 (see report No. 18).

EAERE Newsletter

The Newsletter of EAERE (European Association for Environmental and Resource Economics) published an announcement of our new programme (Newsletter February 2005), see page 28.

Kleine Zeitung

The local newspaper "Kleine Zeitung" has a report on our new programme (4 April 2005) (in German). 

APA Austrian Press Agency

The press announcement of the Austrian Press Agency (APA) refering to our press briefing on 4 April 2005 (in German).

ORF The Austrian Broadcasting Company

Report on our press briefing (4 April 2005) (in German)